The American criminal justice system holds almost 2.3 million people.

There are 840,000 people on parole and a staggering 3.7 million people on probation.  Source: Prison Policy Initiative

Ignite Restoration is committed to reaching 4,500,000 people in prisons or jails and on parole or probation.

Are you Called to Ignite Restoration?

You were saved! Your faith became real to you while you were in a cell? It was there that you experienced God’s grace.  Thank God for the ministers, chaplains, and organizations that ignited restoration in you. Thank God you got a Bible!

Has the grace given to you prompted you to reach others?

Maybe you’re calling to ignite restoration comes having a loved one in the justice system.

Maybe you are on probation now and you want to begin a new path that will improve your own life and ignite restoration in others?

Maybe your calling does not fit any life situation, you just know you cannot run from it.

Christian Leaders Institute offers different opportunities to partner with your calling.

  • Register as Restoration Ignitor on our mailing list. Get updates, news, and information about opportunities.

  • Begin your Christian Leaders Institute free ministry training. Start your classes now.

  • Become ordained with the Christian Leaders Alliance. This justice minister ordination option includes completing courses, local recommendations, public ordination prayers, and global recognition.

We believe in the power of God to change lives. If you are called, take that next step today. We want to partner with you in changing the world.

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