Led to Ministry

Led to Ministry – More than a Model, Now a Minister

Hi! My name is Mikala Anais Mathias (O’Daniel). I was born in Phoenix, Arizona. My grandparents are ministers and have been my whole life. I saw how strong their relationship with God was. I wanted that kind of faith so badly. I was sexually abused from the ages 4-12. I had many trials, and struggles, because of the abuse. I gave my heart to Jesus at a young age. I felt led to ministry very young. I went to a Christian High School.

I struggled with my faith as a teen. I experimented with drugs and suicide attempts. I didn’t know how to rely on God to take my pain away. I finally surrendered my hurts, brokenness, and doubt to God. I got baptized by my grandfather at the age of 18. I got married at a young age. We were not equally yoked. He struggled with pornography addiction, and infidelity. I struggled with self-image issues. I struggled with depression. I tried to commit suicide, many times. The last time I attempted, I heard God speak to me.

He said, ” If you choose to try to take your own life again, I won’t save you. This is your choice.”

I knew at that moment God had a purpose for my life. That there was a reason for saving me. But, I wasn’t sure if I was strong enough at the time.

My marriage ended in divorce. I was trying to move back to Arizona, from Colorado. I was trying to move back to where my family is located. The day my marriage ended, I drank alcohol, and I packed my car full of all my belongings. I slept for 8 hours. After I woke up, I got in my car and headed south for Arizona. I got about an hour south, when I got in a horrific car accident. The other driver got injured. I still had.09 BAC in my system. Because my alcohol level was .01 above the legal limit the accident was deemed my fault. The other driver speeding at the time of the accident. Since I still had alcohol in my system, I was charged with a DUI. Colorado is one of 4 states in the U.S. that if someone gets injured in a car accident it is an automatic felony charge of Vehicular Assault. The worst day of my life got worse quickly. My marriage was over, and I got in trouble with the law for the first time. Someone got injured. I was taken to jail. I got released 2 days later, on a breathalyzer. I spent the next 2 years so ashamed I didn’t leave my apartment, except to go to the grocery store. On July 21, 2017, I got sentenced to 1 year in jail. I only served 6 months. I got “good time” for not getting in trouble. I was part of starting a prayer circle in jail. We prayed together for our families, court dates, and each others strength. I got to pray with people at rock bottom. Which is where I was too.

This is where I realized why God allowed this to happen. Had I not hit rock bottom I wouldn’t be able to reach the people who were at their lowest. I knew for a long time that God was calling me to minister to people going through addiction, feelings of hopelessness, and legal issues. Because of my story, I can connect with people struggling, those who have hit rock bottom. I want to minister to the broken-down, and people who have lost their way. I also want to minister to anyone who is willing to listen.

On January 19th, 2018, I was released from Pueblo County Jail. I still fought my destiny. I wasn’t ready to accept what God was calling me to do. I enrolled in Fashion Styling School. I did what I wanted, not what God wanted. I continue to model. I’ve been modeling since I was 12 years old.

I got engaged to Clayton Dorman, on May 26th, 2018. He is an amazing Christian man, and the love of my life. It was the best week of my life so far. Everything is truly falling into place. I am watching God’s will unfold in my life. I feel God’s presence, and reassurance more than I ever have. I’m so excited to start the journey God has blessed me with. This is my story, and it’s just the beginning.

On May 27th, 2018, I had a dream. I commanded a demon to flee. I remember saying sternly, ” In the name of Jesus, you must flee!”

In that second, the demon disappeared. I am and have always been a highly sensitive person. I have always sensed the spiritual realm deeper than most people. I feel it every day, everywhere I go. This dream wasn’t the first time I had told a spirit to flee with the power of the Holy Spirit. This dream changed my life completely. I knew I was ready, it was time. I was ready to face God’s calling for my life. It was time to start my journey into ministry. On May 27th, 2018, I enrolled at Christian Leaders Institute. I started what God had always put on my heart. I never felt so sure in my life. So sure of where I was, why I had been where I’d been and where I was being led. Now I am led to ministry impact!

I have been called to share that there is more than our past, and what we have gone through. There is Jesus! His timing is perfect. His love is perfect because He is LOVE!

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