“Campfire stories are more than entertainment, they often light the fire of identity and calling.” – Anonymous

Like stories told at a campfire, your stories will be used by God to change the world.

After you register at Ignite Restoration, your story must be told! You tell your story because those stories benefit others as more leaders come forward. When you share your story, you share:

  • Encouragement for others to do likewise
  • Creativity which inspires new ideas
  • Improvement in your communication skills
  • Impact kindle which sparks more revival by showing the impact of called leaders

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Make sure your submission is clean in spelling and grammar. The clean writing is more likely to be published.
  2. In your submission answer the following types of questions:
    1. What inspired your work to ignite restoration? Tell your story.
    2. What are the problems you are called to address in your community?
    3. What inciting incident makes your story stand out?
    4. What are opportunities for ministry presented to you?
    5. What about your training has equipped you for restorative justice ministry?
    6. What personal transformation occurred while you served God in this ministry?
    7. Share a story of a ministry impact, change any names to protect privacy.
    8. What are some insights you have learned?
    9. Write about ways that you have guided or mentored others to reach out in your community
    10. Write a paper about an interesting topic in the restorative justice space.
  3. Submission should be at least 600 words.
  4. Make sure that you protect the privacy of others by not revealing specific names. For the purposes of this blog, you may change names and details for privacy purposes.
  5. All submission are according to the terms and conditions of Christian Leaders Institute.
  6. Please upload a quality picture of yourself or a picture connected to the content of your story.

Register First to Submit Stories

*After you submit this first step of registration then you will need to confirm it in your email*