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My name is Alisha Nisiewicz and I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I’m 45 years old and I have a prison women ministry call on my life. I’ve been married multiple times and I’ve had 11 children! While I’ve been blessed my whole life, I’ve ignored it my whole life. Anywhere from a gun being put to my head and the trigger being pulled (dud bullet), to almost dying on the hospital table, to giving birth when I was told I never would! I chose a different route in life. I’ve been in and out of prison since the age of 16. Every time I would go to prison I would devote my time to God and to the other inmates, but as soon as I would get out (knowing I had a calling), I would go right back to MY way of living. I’ve done everything you could imagine from murder to dope. I’ve owned multiple businesses and houses. I’ve been extremely wealthy to extremely poor. Been beaten to treated like a queen. Not until I truly gave my life to God 100% and made him head of my life did I really fill all the gaps in my life.

I know my calling is in prison women ministry, teaching and helping women, especially women in prison. I am 100% dedicated and devoted to GOD and WILL spend my remaining time on this earth fulfilling his WILL… my destiny! My true desire in life is to fulfill his WILL in my life!

Today, I finished the Deacon Minister Ordination class at Christian Leaders Institute. This has been such an accomplishment for me. It has helped me reflect on my personal life much more than I would have ever done. It has helped me in so many ways, in my spiritual growth, in my insight on where I’m going on this journey! The fact that I didn’t have to pay thousands of dollars to attend meant the difference between attending or not attending. I thank CLI for this opportunity. This will open opportunities for me to witness to women in places I wouldn’t have been able to without this ordination. Please continue to pray with me as I continue to ask for wisdom and guidance to walk in God’s will!

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  1. Jimoh Ganiyu
    Jimoh Ganiyu says:

    sir/ma, is always important to have alleine preaching the Gospel of Jesus CHRIST in the prison yard eben someone need to be devote to the assignment all the Time.
    Jimoh Ganiyu.


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