A Fire for Jail Ministry

My name is Chris Hagerman and I have a fire to help in jail ministry.

I live in the state of Tennessee in the United States. It’s not too hard to do ministry here there are a lot of churches.

I have been in and out of church since I was a kid. When I got older, I decided I would start going to church and stay with it. My dream in ministry is to come closer to God and bring others to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My dream is to reach more people to save them and lead them to God’s kingdom.

This class has taught me more about God and has motivated me to want to keep going and learn more about God. I identify with pastor cause I want to lead a church and bring children and adults alike to God to watch over and take care of my flock. I kept going to church and reading my Bible when the church asked if I wanted to do the nursing home ministry, so I did.

Then a few weeks later another man at the church asked if I wanted to do the jail ministry, so I did. Then the more I did it I noticed a feeling inside that I couldn’t explain it was like a fire in my soul that wouldn’t go out and I have pursued it ever since. We had the prepaid electric and had no money or job to make money.It was winter time, and with no electric, we have no heat.

Everyone in the house was freaking out and said we would wake up with no electric and I said trust in the lord. The next day we woke up and still had lights and checked our balance we had fifty dollars on our electric. We called the electric company to see if it was a mistake and they said no it’s supposed to be there.

The biggest challenge is finding a church that needs a pastor. A lot of pastors around my area won’t take time to train newly called leaders in ministry. It has taught me a lot about how to live a righteous life and has taught me new things about the ministry that I can share with others. They have encouraged me to do ministry and has helped me by letting me be involved in different ministries.

They have let me prepare sermons and preach to the inmates at the jail and the elders at the nursing home. My family has been a big support and have encouraged me to do ministry, and they ask me to pray for them. They have been amazing in supporting me with my ministry. A scholarship with Christian leaders institute will give me the classes I need to learn the things I need to know to minister to others. By getting the classes with Christian leaders institute, I can further my ministry and further my ministry dream. Pray that my knowledge and ministry grow so I can reach lost souls and bring them to Jesus Christ.

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