called to prison ministry

Called to Prison Ministry

One common thread in those who are called to prison ministry is the experience of being raised in difficult circumstances. While on that journey, God showed up while they were in prison, on probation or heading for prison.

Zecharriah is one just called Christian Leader. He is now called to prison ministry with his Wife. Read his remarkable story!

Called to Prison Ministry

Hello, My name is Zecharriah Erickson, and I live in Spokane Washington in the USA. I was born in Tucson Arizona in a place of poverty and crime. My dad was a truck driver who was never home and, my mother was trying to raise nine children while holding a job. I was raised on the streets under bad influence. My dad molested our family and, that pushed us all away from God. I did not grow up in church but, God always had a plan in my life. I was raped at the age of 6 and, by the time I reached 11 years of age I was drinking and smoking drugs on a regular basis.

When my dad went to prison in 1992, my mother moved us up to Washington State. This was a huge moment because I was headed for death or prison. I was still hurting and confused. I took all that pain with me and, caused major havoc everywhere I went. I was considered the enemies right-hand man.

I moved to Las Vegas, and one night God came to me. I had a revelation that if I died that night, I might go to hell. I accepted The Lord Jesus into my heart that night and, my whole life was changed. I was able to ask for forgiveness from God. I was also able to ask for forgiveness from the people I hurt so badly. I am free now to live for Christ!

I now have a wife Alex and two boys, Malachi and Skylar. They are my complete joy and my first ministry in life. God uses my family to mold me and shape me for ministry. We are involved in serving at our local Church called Real Life Ministries and, we are building relationships to make disciples. My wife and I also lead a small group in Bible study and relationship. My ministry dream is to go where ever God calls me too. I have decided to wait on Him! I will no longer build my kingdom but His Kingdom. I know I am called to be a Pastor/Evangelist.

I love street and prison ministry as well. My heart and passion are to reach the world for Jesus one person at a time. CLI has been amazing for me. It not only has helped me see my calling!  It holds me accountable and helps me to learn more about the Bible. My rough childhood compels me to reach out to others who are struggling. My church has linked up with me and my God given vision to make disciples. I have mentors who I look up to and that pour into me. I also mentor and with God’s help lead others. Please pray that God will continue to have His way in our home in the name of Jesus.

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