Join other businesses by joining the restorative justice movement! You can make a difference!

Will your business be part of a higher plan in the lives being restored to valued citizens?

Your business can help:

  1. Welcome the New Life Cards. There will be three cards issued. Yellow, Green, and Blue. Indicate on your registration form your level of acceptance. All three cards have similar requirements for recommendations and transparency. The differences are the number of required classes. The yellow New Life Card requires 1 college level class. The green New Life Card requires 3 college level classes. The blue New Life Card requires 5 college level classes. The classes all reflect topics that will help restore a citizen into full and thriving status. See the New Life Cards page. 
  2. Stand with other businesses to support the welcoming of justice individuals to live a new life. Register online that your business will take New Life Cards. Simply fill out the form and we will include your business as one that is helping to build our communities. We believe that some valued company team members will be added to your workforce.

This program is easy to opt in or out of: Fill out the form to opt into the program.  Send an email to to opt out of this program. No hassles.

Thank You for Your Interest in Partnering With Us!

To get started, we need some information about your business and what level of New Life Card you are comfortable accepting. We need you to upload your logo, or we will screenshot your website logo and use that. We also need you to give instructions on how new life cardholders should indicate their New Life Card status to your HR departments.