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Restorative Justice Ministries

Christian Leaders Institute
Address: 17771 West Spring Lake Road
Spring Lake, Michigan
Your Vision – Personal or Organizationally:

Ignite Restoration is a ministry started by Christian Leaders Institute for the purpose of giving our restorative justice leaders a forum and resource for their leadership. This ministry seeks to serve the ordained leaders who have gone through the training at Christian Leaders Institute and are ordained through the Christian Leaders Alliance as Restored Life Ministers, Assistant Chaplains, and Chaplains.

Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) is a ministry of Christian Leaders, which is a 501 (c) three non-profit ministry. Christian Leaders Institute trains thousands of Christian Leaders including graduates in over 170 countries. See CLI Directory.  Thousands of local Christian Leaders are graduating at Christian Leaders Institute

Contact Phone Number: 616-777-0305
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Journey Together Alliance
Address: PO Box 138
Marion, OH
Short Description: Restorative justice through journeying together with individuals on all sides of the rehabilitation & corrections system.
Your Vision – Personal or Organizationally:
The Journey Together Alliance is an agency based in Marion, Ohio that serves the area’s Restored Citizens, both adults and juveniles.
We provide support, advocacy and pathways to assistive services both directly and by partnering with local social service agencies as well as faith based communities.
The Journey Together Alliance also provides mentors (we use the term allies), for both pre-release and post-release individuals, as well as several release preparedness programs within our local adult and juvenile prison system.
For more info:
Website Address:
Contact Phone Number: 804.803.5859
Country: USA
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Tony Bennett
Address: PO Box 18
Watertown, Massachusetts 02471
United States
Short Description: To serve as an ordained Chaplain, guide and mentor future leaders and mend broken homes (families/relationships). Establish and plant a Congregation and minister training center.
Your Vision – Personal or Organizationally:

Tony B Bennett has spent the last 14 years serving as a lay minister and putting in over 12,000 hours of personal Scripture study and research yet he believes he is just scratching the surface of his walk in our Messiah. He is here at CLI to get a Bachelors of Chaplaincy degree and become an ordained Chaplain in hopes to help open up more opportunities according to his calling and election.

Though he attended church as a child through the age to about 13 yrs old his journey did not start until he was about 24 yrs old. One day that restoration came about, not within the four walls of the church but outside of it, a heavy conviction laid in his heart in which he fell onto his knees in the kitchen and ever since then he has been a walking intentionally and purposely for the Messiah!

CLI ministry training will allow him to be able to provide a much needed service as a Chaplain i.e. hospitals, VA clinics, and other institutions that are in need of a Chaplain. He got ordained as a Commissioned Minister with CLI and has his Diploma of Divinity with CLI as well!

All this training will allow him to do what he has been called to do which is to serve as a spiritual care provider as well as guide and mentor of the gospel. He hopes to plant a Congregation and minister training center in the very near future.

He looking forward to mentoring other CLI students as they are studying at CLI!

Website Address: CLI Profile
Contact Phone Number: 857-919-8736
Country: USA
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